Bulk SMS Affiliate Program

Make profit and Earn Commission
By advertising / marketing us to your Customers or Client

Affiliate Bulk SMS

How to Join Bulk SMS Affiliate Program?

Reference a customer’s/client by just placing 91 Bulksms create advertising on your website. We will pay you upfront and ongoing commissions on every purchase made by your referred customers. And best of all, this is completely free to setup and use for you.

Ongoing repeat commissions for every purchase made
Choose one of our advertising banner size and design
All customer sign ups within 3 months of clicking on the advertising banner are tagged to you
Customers can purchase online, by cheque, bank transfer or over the mobile
100% risk free trial for your customers
Commissions paid monthly and yearly
Other type Reseller in India. 91 Bulksms

How do I become an Affiliate Systems?

Simply Sign-Up with us, log in, and click on the ‘Affiliate System’ Button. Call: +91-9974984500

Terms and Conditions of Affiliate

You will receive an email each month containing your commission statement. You then simply invoice us for this amount which we will then pay directly into your Paytm Account. To manage our administration costs there are just two minor conditions that we insist on to pay commissions

What Commission do I Get?

SMS Package Commission
10,000 SMS Credits
₹ 50
25,000 SMS Credits
₹ 100
50,000 SMS Credits
₹ 150
1,00,000 SMS Credits
₹ 200