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Today’s in India, Bulk SMS has +75% open rate compared to 150% open rates for email. Bulk SMS also has high response rate. By adding links within the SMS you can improve sales, conversion rate and website engagement. 91 Bulksms is on a mission of making the SMS Industry simple, transparent and affordable prices. Our Bulk SMS platform designed to help business owner who want to send Promotional, Marketing, OTP, Intimation and notification SMS. For any purchase or inquiry, now purchase Messages, please email us at sales@91bulksms.com

Bulk SMS service or bulk message means sending Bulk SMS to one or more recipients via software/API/Excel Plug-in/Android Apps/web platforms such as 91 Bulksms provide platform to send online Bulk SMS in India. Generally, Bulk SMS are of two types transactional Bulk SMS and Promotional Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS can be sent like an individual SMS to customers e.g. receiving an OTP, Notification, transaction and intimation. If any online or offline business want to create, schedule and send Bulk SMS campaigns for marketing or notification then all those activities can be done from 91 Bulksms Systems.

91 Bulksms Bulk SMS Service is used by various national Registered companies, school, college, organization, developers, NGOs & government agencies for promotion, communication, transactional alerts, notification, reminders, OTP and feedback. Signup now to live send online Bulk SMS.

You pay for each SMS which you send via 91 Bulksms Bulk SMS you can start sending SMS from 0.11 and if your SMS volume requirement is high, then you can send per SMS in 0.12 which is very lowest in SMS industry

Follow below steps to send online Bulk SMS via 91 Bulksms:

  1. Signup in 91Bulksms
  2. Select your Bulk SMS Packages
  3. Add or simple copy and paste excel file in your contacts
  4. Create your custom messages (Text, Multimedia, Flash, Unicode)
  5. Send the Live SMS or schedule

Check real-time SMS delivery reports

Free Demo and Use Bulk SMS for test by 91 Bulksms provide facility to test its bulk message service in free 20 SMS with user can check our system working and delivery reports.

91 Bulksms system is designed to deliver lakhs of SMS at a one time. Our system has multiple Bulk SMS routes in which we distribute Message load so that delivery of will be quickly.

Custom Messages: Customized Simple SMS and Dynamic can be sent easily in 91 Bulksms. All you need to do is first prepare your data in excel file. 91 Bulksms also provide platform through which user can send multimedia Messages.

Transparent and affordable price in Bulk SMS: 91 Bulksms system is very basic and simple to use also every inform is mentioned on Panel. With such quality and professional services, 91 Bulksms is also the cheap Price SMS provider in India Bulk SMS sector.