Request API:
Optional Fields:
unicode=1&smstype=flash&time=2015-07-15 15:10:10&idno=2007
use comma(,) to send same sms content on multiple mobile numbers
Account Usage Type:
 Account Type Value
 Transactional 1
 Promotional 2
 International 3
 OTP 6
 PromoDND 7


Optional parameters are not compulsory in API.

   1. Unicode : – for all other languages (= not english)
   2. smstype : – normal or flash message (flash means pop-up message)
   3. Time : – use this parameter to schedule campaign
   4. idno : – client’s identification number

using this xml api, user can send unique sms on each mobile numbers in a single request.
Request URL :
<message>Test SMS</message>
<message>Test SMS again</message>


Optional Fields:

<time>2020-01-03 12:10:10</time>

Request URL:

content-type: application/json

{"sms":"test 1",

Response Type: application/json

"smslist": {
"sms": [
"reason": "success",
"status": "success",
"messageid": 260299414,
"clientsmsid": 1947692308,
"code": "000",
"mobileno": "+919974984500"

1. sent,success,123456,2007,+919974984500
2. fail,Invalid key,0,2008,9999999999

– 1st format shows message sent successfully.123456 parameter shows message Id while 2007 parameter shows client id.
– 2nd format shows message is fail because of Invalid key.