Bulk SMS Gateway in India

91 Bulksms provides highly reliable A2P bulk SMS route to deliver your SMS traffic nationally. Our SMS quality-testing capabilities allow us to give you top-quality service.

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Gateway features in India

Bulk SMS Gateway is platform which enables a computer to send or receive messages to or from a telecommunication network, eventually routed to the mobile phones. It translates the messages which are in user-friendly application’s language to the mobile carrier compatible languages for the delivery over transmission networks to be able to reach the recipients. This abundance brings in a plethora of Bulk SMS gateway service available in the sector, giving a wide area of options to the user account. A diligent analysis of the services provided by the bulk SMS gateway provider, makes it easy for the business to choose the right Bulk SMS gateway to the behest of their business in India. The messages content written in the user friendly language in the application is translated to the mobile carrier compatible language which would be delivered over transmission networks to reach the recipients at the Bulk SMS Gateway Services using different API.


High quality delivery

We put SMS quality delivery at the top of our priorities. Our aim is to provide the premium quality service to all of our users across the India. We avoid using any cheap quality suppliers in our routing.

SMPP API integration

Integrate and send Bulk SMS and A2P messages via our SMS Gateway India. We support easy SMPP integration which enables us to handle extremely high volumes of SMS traffic.

HTTP SMS API integration

We also support REST API and HTTP SMS Gateway integration. It's easy to implement and useful for users who don't send large volumes of SMS traffic and would like to integrate quickly.

Automatic quality monitoring

We constantly monitor the quality of delivery of your SMS routes through our own leading SMS quality assurance platform with India test number coverage.

All India coverage

We provide All coverage to 95+ every states which allows you to deliver your A2P Bulk SMS almost everywhere in the India.

Free set-up

There are no hidden costs, requires subscription or commitments. We believe in a pay-as-you-go approach. Free User Account and configure your customized software in our API.

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Use cases for your business with our Bulk SMS Gateway India

Announce sales, discounts and special offers new products and services

Implement Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) OTP and two way Communication

Integrate with CRM systems and your customized software in manual configure HTTP SMS API

Remind your customers about planned travelling or events

Notifications about package or purchase delivery status

Send scheduled alerts and notifications.