What is Application Program Interface (SMS API)?

Connect your application with our HTTP API and start sending text messages today.

Start send your database smart internet way of Bulk SMS API, API also three type available HTTP, XML and SMPP.


91 Bulksms An HTTP API expresses a software component in terms of its operations, inputs, outputs, and underlying types, defining functionalities that are independent of their respective implementations, which allows definitions and implementations to vary without compromising the interface. A good Bulk SMS HTTP API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks, which are then put together by the programmer. Bulk SMS HTTP API may be for a web based system, operating system, or database system, and it provides facilities to develop applications for that system using a given programming language.

Easy Integration

Our using of common HTTP API practice and Developer documentation (with free sample code) makes implementing your SMS integration easy.


With text messages connections to more than 40 networks operators in India, we offer best extensive reach and SMPP connectivity.


We offer a reliable service through our direct relationships with local user, reseller and India aggregators and all networks operators.

APIs often come in the form of a library that includes specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and variables. In other cases, notably SOAP and REST services, an API is simply a specification of remote calls exposed to the API consumers. An API specification can take many forms, including an International Standard, such as vendor documentation, such as the Microsoft Windows API, or the libraries of a programming language, e.g. the Standard Template Library in C++ or the VB.Net APIs. Bulk SMS Service Provider – 91 Bulksms

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