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Reliable and Fast OTP Bulk Messages Service Provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

OTP Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. 91 Bulksms campaigns are simplifies Sending Online OTP Bulk SMS Verification for Leading & Emerging Business. Few Seconds is all it takes for an Internet User to decide and leave a website. No extra setup costs, No any sender ID cost, Free Integration Code with 25,000 SMS starter pack Rs. 4,720/-.

91 Bulksms India coverage 10+ networks and 29 States, you can deliver your one time Password with price on the market. Implement Mobile Number Verification, Use factor login, OTP protected transactions with enhanced security and speed. Our platform provides the back-end logic needed for PIN generation (OTP) so you don’t have to. Each code is tied to an individual user and can only be used once. Save money and increase conversion rates with our number validation. We’re able to catch invalid numbers as they’re entered. Deliver your authentication password to users regardless of their location

Best OTP Bulk SMS Service Price in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

OTP (One Time Password) is a process simply used by Private Corporate Companies, Banks, Database Service Providers and Security Agencies other forms of online payment where a password is sent to your registered mobile number. The password has a validity which means that you cannot use it for an extended time period. It is only for one transaction thereby the reason provides more security to your transactions.

OTP system as technology is evolving day by day; people have increased the usage of internet banking, online transaction, and verification owners. There is a kind of risk involved in dealing with online payment mechanism. OTP Messages is used to avoid that risk and increase transaction safety and security. When the authorized person is done by the system, your transaction gets completed in a few seconds. It is also called as extra benefit part authentication. OTP SMS service provides a solution to all these illegal activities like phishing, keyboard logging etc. OTP SMS is used by banks, e-commerce portals, payment gateways and forget password system etc.

Bulk SMS for OTP is the first choice for distributing OTP. As SMS reaches within seconds and there is no need to have data pack to open it. It serves as the fastest medium for transferring OTP related information to mobile handsets. Also when bulk SMS is used for sending OTP it is a very cheap source of conveying confidential information. The mobile phone is carried by the users at all times. This makes it the perfect option for sending OTP. Messages service serves as a reliable and safest medium for transmitting crucial information. Use for OTP Messages for dealing with your clients in a more secure way.

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Send Bulk Messages

To Individual, Groups, From a file Upload (Excel and CSV)
Automatically Related HTTP API and SMPP
From Android Mobile Apps
Simple process: Login » Compose » Send
Send Flash, Multimedia Files Attachments Messages

Contacts Management and Sender IDs

Manage Individual Sender IDs and Contacts
Manage Your specific Online Groups wise Contacts
Import from a file Upload Contacts (Excel Sheet and CSV)
Contacts & Sender IDs Automated Opt-in
Contacts & Sender IDs Automated Opt-out

Bulk SMS Credit Management

Manage Credit or Balance Purchase Transfer and Sponsor
Credit SMS Statement History
Low Credit Notification
View Invoice and Payment History
Automatic Top-up

Bulk SMS Message History

View Sent or Received SMS Messages History and Reports
Sent SMS Messages Summery
Send Messages Graphs Analytics Reports
SMS Message History Downloads
Track SMS Campaign Metrics

Bulk SMS Advanced Featured

Send Personalized Messages (English and Unicode)
Send your customized Scheduled or Campaigns Messages
Create and Manage Templates
Send Long Characters Messages
Choose delivery route and Automated Response.

Bulk SMS HTTP API Code & Developers

Free SMS API Code for Developers
C#, VB.Net and php Code
SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer
Bulk SMS Aggregator and Custom Panel Design
Manage Bulk SMS Reseller and User Accounts