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Transactional Bulk SMS are in general intended to pass on necessary information to all those who are part of the transaction or known people/group. SMS from Banks, Airlines, Ticket Booking, Insurance SMS, SMS from Hospitals or Health Organizations, Alert Messages, SMS from Educational Institutes to parents / guardians, e-commerce SMS, Stock SMS related to Buy/Sell transactions, Information to employees via SMS, Updates to customers, Participation Confirmation by Event Organizations, SMS integration with Inquiry form on Websites. Get Smart HTTP, XML, and SMPP API’s that enable you to send SMS right from your software/Web Panel. Check out the delivery report of sent messages in your user panel in real time. It couldn’t get faster. The TRAI rules are harsh, we need to follow them. But, we have made a little form for you to understand them well. This undertaking will make the TRAI confident on you. Use Transactional Bulk SMS in India 24 X 7 100% Fast delivery.

Who can send Transactional Messages?

Registered Companies and Organization Registered Banks & Financial Institution Insurance Company, Credit Society & Credit Card Companies Registered Education Instituted & Airlines & Railway Stock Market DP Info Alerts for Customers E-Commerce transactions made by their Customers

Sender ID for Transactional Messages

Only 6 Character Alpha Sender ID is allowed for sending Transactional Messages. Sender ID must contain exactly 6 characters (neither less nor more) in Upper Case and must be convincing enough with respect to Industry/Brand/Services.

Example for: AM-NITYAA
‘A’ stands for the operator code here its “Airtel”
‘M’ stands for the service area here its “Mumbai”
NITYAA indicates six Alphabets for Company or Organization sending Transactional SMS

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