Case Studies of Bulk SMS Services

Events Intimation, OTP, Notification, Leads Generation, Survey, Marketing, Advisements, Communications, Transactions and Many More…


Here are some examples of how our customers use SMS in their daily practice. There are many different companies and departments that use SMS to assist their business communication and grow their business.

Case Studies of Bulk SMS Services different sector use. We served the needs of nationally recognized clients. There are many different companies/sector/origination using messages to aid and enhance their business advisement, marketing and communications. If you would like to know how some of these companies/sector/organizations are using our Bulk SMS services, then please do take a look at the case studies below.

E-Commerce Website or Business

- Purchase confirmation can be sent via Bulk SMS
- Notify latest product offerings / promotional items
- Update customers on the purchase status

Hospital / Healthcare / Medical Store

- An SMS reminder can be sent to patients about upcoming appointment
- Internal staff communication
- Inform status of medical reports for collection

Automobiles Industries

- Service reminders can be sent to remind customers that their vehicles are due for service
- Test drive invitation can be sent to potential and existing buyers to create awareness
- Free service SMS vouchers can also be given to customers to show appreciate on their loyalty to be sent.

Banking, Credit/Debit Card, Finances and Credit Society

- Payment transfer information, authentication and access control
- Alerts on new or changed conditions, statement reminders, loan application approved/declined
- balance inquiry's, fraud and transaction alerts, Application status notification
- Security: send automate message whenever the card is used
- Due and late payment reminder or over credit limit alert.

Entertainments / Cinema Hall

- Updates of all forthcoming shows
- Booking confirmation, Send latest news and updates
- Send weekly / monthly promotion update.

Event Management

- Notify public about any upcoming events in order to create awareness
- A gentle SMS reminder can be sent to event attendees to confirm attendance and arrangement in advance
- An immediate and accurate message can be sent to attendees in the case of changes in time and locations

Fitness Centers / Gyms / Health Care

- Purchase confirmation can be sent via Bulk SMS
- Notify latest product offerings / promotional items
- Update customers on the purchase status

Insurance Sector

- To send notifications on premium renewal / new policy
- To remind customers on premium renewal and policy expiration dates
- For information on new plans, greetings and payment of premiums

School, College, University and Educational Institute

- To confirm the schedule and registration of teachers and classes
- To report change of exam results, time or schedule
- To alert students to any current or upcoming events
- To inform students of the due date of course payment
- To contact students and staff in case of an emergency

NGO / Charity / Origination's

- To contact members about upcoming events, meetings, tasks and news
- Announcement of important meeting for prompt notification to key individuals at the right time
- To encourage members and send them daily with noble words
- To try to get more people to join the organization

Transportation Logistics and Courier

- Useful for communicating with recipients in terms of delivery time
- To update customers about real time information about delivery status
- Team members to get their latest information about shifts and routines
- To indicate where and when to find a Courier

Direct Multi Level Marketing

- To receive bonuses and also send bonus notifications to each member of the group
- For communication with all groups at seminars or new product launches
- To direct your local people to mobile numbers.

Property Sales, Real Estate and Builders

- To send instructions to prospective or ready buyers
- To rent or sell units to property sellers
- Appointment reminders to send 1 day before viewing the house
- Easy marketing for your builders and plan property offers.

Shopping Center, Mall, and Retail Shop

- For rental deadline reminder, maintenance and emergency work notification
- For sale or lease instruction on retail premises
- To update any ongoing sales / permanent members / permanent customers
- Members' Day for sale / special offer or promotion notification.

Hotels, Resorts and Restaurant

- To send discount room package promotion for business growth during low peak
- To also send room vouchers or rebate vouchers through our voucher campaign
- To collect customer feedback through the survey campaign as well.

Travel, Tour and Airlines

- Promo Holiday Package / Super Deal, Right To Travel Invitations, To Know Location, Date and Booth Number
- When traveling to a booth, travel itineraries for flight, flight times
- For alerts about delays, changes or cancellations, for ticket number reporting
- Flight crew and staff to update information on time