DLT Registration is Now Mandate!


Need Compulsory DLT Registration for Enterprise and Telemarketer
DLT Registration Step and Process

All operators have gone live with DLT and only entities with registered Headers (Sender IDs) will be allowed to send SMS. We urge you to register your organization and Sender IDs immediately on any of the DLT platforms to avoid any disruption in your traffic.

Insights on New TRAI SMS Regulation Implementation

DLT Registration for So much information and documents will be needed.

  1. Authorized Contact Person
  2. Origination/Company Name
  3. Origination/Company Type
  4. Origination/Company Email
  5. Origination/Company Mobile
  6. Origination/Company Address
  7. PAN/TAN Number
  8. KYC Document Number (TAN/Trade License/Shop & Establishment Registration/GST/Incorporation)
  9. Letter of Authorization and letter of Undertaking for Sender ID.     (* To be Provide in Letter Head of Company)
  10. Soft Document (PAN/TAN and Above Option any one) * File Format jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, 5 MB
  11. For DLT Select Password

How to Register in DLT Registration Online?

Important Notice

Please contact me after receiving the email.
You will receive an email within 2 to 3 days of registering.‚Äč