Bulk SMS of Automobile Industry in India

- To send customers a reminder to service their vehicle
- Test drive invitations to prospective and existing buyers
- Free service camp and to attract new customers base


91 Bulksms is a leading company in India the field of Bulk SMS many years, the company has strengthened its presence in the market and has been providing services to its automobile industry and dealership customers all over India. Provides text messaging for car retailers and automobile industry via Bulk SMS Software can send text messages directly from Excel 2003 plug-in. You can send messages by adding and removing contacts from your Web SMS account. Bulk SMS of Automobile Industry in India

Bulk SMS for Automobile Industry

The Automobile Industry uses Bulk SMS to increase its sales output. The young class also likes the 4-wheeler car of sporty and sleek look. The automobile industry creates and launches new models based on demand. Automobile companies display their name or product to increase their sales. Merchants also contact their new and existing customers after sales and services for a better relationship in the future. These communications dealers have preferred bulk SMS service provides additional benefits, dealers use text messages to touch all their new and existing customers at the same time.

To provide information on new updates and discount offers

Automobile Cars Bulk SMSBulk SMS is one of the most effective modes of communication that helps in achieving a larger goal in the other. Bulk SMS is a good option for promoting new product promotions, branding, sending test drive messages, servicing reminders, insurance reminders, maintenance and driving tips, and delivering new discounted festival offerings. Bulk SMS group saves cost and time.

Futures of Bulk SMS

The automobile industry seems to rely heavily on the development and future of the sector due to changing trends in the last few years. As per income is increasing, demand for automobiles is also increasing. The industry is expected to grow at a rapid pace for the future in India. The main obstacle is the increase in lead volume and sales rate in the automobile sector. Thus the need to use text message media seems to be increasing. And can prove to be a very effective and reliable marketing tool for delivering important information to potential customers.

Bulk SMS offers various types such as Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, Voice SMS, and Customer Data Base etc. Text Message is available at affordable prices and is a great revolution in the mobile industry and it is cheaper than other advertising tools. As web SMS is developed with more attractive features, you can use web SMS connected to the internet to your computer. The automobile industry is largely dependent on promotions, campaigns and other advertising tools. Bulk SMS is the simple solution to all the problems of compromise as today all India mobile is connected.

Bulk SMS Laptop

Many of our other Most important services Automobile Industry in India

Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS service for sending out Important Intimation, Updates and Alert Messages, companies’ transaction, customer intimation or Update your clients about their orders, product launches, and discounts.

Premium OTP Gateway Route

OTP Bulk SMS is invisible verification your clients. Digit Pin Generation. payment Transaction need a OTP Message with use for HTTP API SMS Software technological Feature of OTP.

Promotional SMS Service

Promotional Messages service simply a use for to digital business promotion and with Easy Online direct Advertising, Marketing your Brand, product discount, latest offer sent your preferred direct communication customer or client.

Voice Call Service

Voice Call enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their Mobile or landline numbers anywhere in India with a Recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System.