Bulk SMS for Entertainments or Cinema Hall

- Updates of all forthcoming shows
- Booking confirmation, Send latest news and updates
- Send weekly / monthly promotion update.


Cinema Hall SMSUse for Bulk SMS in Entertainment or Multiplex Cinema Hall. 91Bulksms.com is the leading company in the Bulk SMS services of Indian market. This is a time where everyone wants to be kept informed about entertainment and current movies at the nearest theater easily book tickets. Our bulk SMS service is for you, the theater promotes their movies via our Promotional SMS route, also confirms their tickets via Transactional SMS route, and sends time to show the viewers, we offer a variety of SMS services and text messaging solutions for the cinema industry. Our incoming SMS service can improve your services, quality and your brand. We have one of the best bulk SMS services for multiplex cinema hall. 91 Bulksms offers all kinds of text messaging solutions including various message services, Transaction SMS service, Promotional SMS service, Voice call service, two way messaging incoming SMS systems (Short code and Long code) and Miss call Numbers. Cinema industry activities bulk SMS gateway integration improves your quality.

How can Cinema Industries, Theater, Multiplex, Talkies benefit from Bulk SMS?

We are a global partner in the bulk SMS marketing service business. Our unique bulk SMS software can send SMS directly from Microsoft Excel (2003-2007) plug-in. You can now add and remove contacts from your bulk SMS account. Also you can use our SMS API which is supported for PHP, Java, C#, VB.NET, .NET, ASP.NET, Java and WordPress. We have all kinds of high premium text message services.

    • Confirmation of ticket booking, seat number, shows time etc.
    • For payment warning and promote the show
    • To send offer, promotions and booking discounts on movies
    • To change specific announcements and scheduled information
    • For monthly salary alerts to your staff

Bulk SMS plays an important role in the cinema industry. You can send ticket confirmations, details, payment information and rejection / cancellation to your customer’s mobile phone in 5 to 10 seconds. You can also inform them about the show cancellation details on their mobile devise. Extra message marketing is rapidly gaining prominence in the entertainment industry as an influential publicity channel. Previously there were primary methods of Movie Theater marketing such as magazines, radio ads, flyers and large posters. Now these practices have completely changed. Currently the trend of advertising with bulk SMS is the most popular.