Bulk SMS for Ecommerce Website and Business

- Purchase confirmation can be sent via Bulk SMS
- Notify latest product offerings / promotional items
- Update customers on the purchase status

How to use text messages in Ecommerce website or business for sales traffic at online stores represents an excellent method. But, can Bulk SMS solutions benefit small retailers and help them drive more traffic to their site? As mobile technology evolves, people become more dependent on their cell-phones. According to the latest survey, 72% of smart phone users have made an online purchase in the last 12 months. That number will likely increase, so Ecommerce businesses should start using all the available channels to successfully sell online. For example such companies are available in India such as Amazon.co.in, Flipkart

Nearly every cell-phone user will check their phone about 160 times a day. This is 160 times the chance that you get lost every day by not using SMS for your Ecommerce store. If you want to connect with customers on a personal level, reduce costs and maximize profits, you must adopt text messaging with your other marketing channels. How, we’ll show you?

How can Ecommerce Website/Business use bulk text messaging?

At 160 characters, text messages can be small but they are definitely powerful. Reaching mobile users via SMS can create a seamless experience for the user. This would translate into a better conversion. Below are 5 ways you can use text messaging for your 5 ecommerce businesses.

Help customers check order status. A simple delivery instruction, confirmation of shipping or order will reduce the number of calls to the customer care department and improve the relationship with the client.

Follow-up with Unsuspected Customers If a customer leaves their cart at the last minute, they might want to buy but something bad happened. Friendly SMS follow-up can encourage them to complete the purchase. Send special deals, offers and promo coupons. Direct use of the text message is to send information regarding discount codes, vouchers, special pricing and limited sales. Be sure to use custom fields to personalize your messages and increase response rates.

Inform customers of new inventory. Most retailers send email notifications for new inventory. A more efficient option is to send a bulk text message alert. You can do this even when something outside the store is in the store to encourage flash sales.

Send an SMS reminder for payment and delivery. Use 91 Bulksms to send useful text alerts to customers. Through our SMS Software, you can remind customers to complete payment. You can also let them know when something is ready for delivery or pick-up.

Key Benefits of SMS Marketing For Ecommerce Website or Business

When you’re sending information to customers, you’re delivering a powerful message straight to the customer’s pocket. If you want fast results, you can rely on SMS to deliver.

Here are the key benefits of SMS Ecommerce solutions:

Build a robust database of customers. Retail SMS marketing strategies make it easy to attract and engage new customers. Use keywords, long-codes, incentives, and special deals to encourage customers. Make sure you add the SMS subscribe form to your site to get more leads. Waiting for the delivery to arrive can be very exciting. As a business owner, you can enhance this experience by sending text alerts with delivery information – customers will appreciate it. Reduce work hours and customer service costs by offering help with common issues through text. Slash at call centers at the time of the queue and channel your energy and money where important. Text messages are also cheaper than printed ads or digital marketing solutions.

This is a great way to increase profits by sending friendly reminders and follow-ups to unsuspecting customers.

Improve team productivity. SMS can also be used for internal communication. Mobile customer service will help you reduce stress and workload. Ultimately, this will increase the productivity of the team and allow you to focus on sales. Increase in sales. Most buyers in India cannot help themselves when faced with something major. In fact, 95% of purchase decisions are made subconsciously. Sending discounts and offers through 91 Bulksms Messages feature will increase your sales significantly.

Useful SMS Templates for Ecommerce Sites (Online Shopping)

1. Product Delivery 
“Dear Customer*, your package No. XXXXXXX will be delivered today, * the date *, 08:00 to 05:00. *Company Name* “

2. Delivery successful
“Dear Customer*, your order with ID XXXXXXX has been successfully delivered on * date * at * time *. Thanks for choosing * Company Name *!”

3. Account Activation
“Dear Customer*, “Hello * client *, thanks for choosing * company *! Securing your account

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