Bulk SMS for Events Management

- To remind participants of the event
- To confirm attendance and arrangement in advance
- To raise awareness of and about any upcoming events
- To send a message of change of immediate times and places


Bulk SMS for Event Management for Planing and for planner. Effective communication is essential to ensure that every part of the event goes smoothly due to the demand of the events management industry. Events using Bulk SMS will help reduce management hard work, coordinate staff and report any changes or special changes to all situations. As SMS is reliable, cost-effective and fast, it is a great tool to help improve communication efforts in the aftermath. Since event management is not an easy task, communication is needed to make every change effective, to ensure that the right people get the right message at the right time. That requirement is easily met when using Bulk SMS services.

How Bulk SMS can be used to facilitate Event Management?

Instead of making numerous Calls or sending large amounts of emails to potential attendees at the event, Messages can be sent to confirm or remind them of their presence. It is very helpful to confirm the number by attending the event 24 hours before sending an SMS. Once attendance is confirmed, SMS messages can be sent to all attendees giving useful information about the event. For example, an SMS can detail the agenda, other directions for the location of the event. You will also be able to create a message that can be easily smashed in your one click. SMS messages can be sent to all event members after the event. Thank you for being present and requesting any feedback. Once you’ve created a follow up list of invitations and attendees to the events. Then send them a personalized SMS. Messages can be sent, so they’ll be invited to your next event. Event organizers can add additional information to SMS invitations again.

How can you use SMS to keep employees informed?

Using SMS messaging for an organization of event staff means that everyone knows when to expect. Before sending information about the timetable for the event, SMS messages can be sent to schedule event attendees. Information can be ensured by sending SMS to employees and sending SMS. Since when information about an emergency or schedule change can be used to remind staff about 24 hours in advance, event location, dress code etc. SMS messaging enables a fast and effective two-way communication channel between you and your staff. This means that staff can respond immediately if, for whatever reason, they are unable to perform their duties. We are the leader in providing bulk SMS service in India. And offer bulk SMS service for event management at very affordable prices in India.

Event Management SMS

Now it is more expensive to send mass emails, print posters, make big announcements and large hoardings and posters on the walls to manage day-to-day events. In today’s competitive world, event managers must think in order to reach the audience. The bulk SMS solution can help you market the event, organize staff and draw in the right crowd. You can use bulk SMS campaigns to promote your latest events. You can also use SMS messages to confirm ticket purchases or reservations. Change the way you manage events! You can collect, send or rate ticket rates to promote the event. Use 91 Bulks Bulk SMS to promote your events and share event brochures, webpage links or booth layouts with your database, and insert PDFs, images or short web links as needed. 91 Bulksms a interest for your event by sending rich media-rich Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS (Use for DND) services campaigns using a very simple and powerful.