Bulk SMS for Fitness Centers, Gyms and Healthcare

- Purchase confirmation can be sent via Bulk SMS
- Notify latest product offerings / promotional items
- Update customers on the purchase status


91 Bulksms is providing Bulk SMS services for fitness center, gym and healthcare. People today are very busy at work and the way they live their lives, it is very important to keep our bodies fit. Our company is helping the gym, health and fitness center by providing a premium bulk SMS service that they can configure their free SMS API application or Nowsend software to send timely alerts to their customer applications. Android Mobile app and the Online web portal to manage your account. 91 Bulksms is an authorized SMS service provider according to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority India), which is affiliated with leading telecom service providers. Since then, the marketing concept has played a key role in publicizing enough communication channel industries or corporate companies, and bulk SMS is a means of communication, providing security to reach a broader audience, especially potential customers.

Bulk SMS Service for Fitness Center, Gym and Healthcare

In a few years, there has been a huge increase in enrollment at the Fitness Club. Motivates people to stay fit and fit, But more than 75% of people lose motivation only in the first month. A survey revealed that engagement with people motivated them to stick to their fitness goals. Fitness centers can also provide this kind of important support with the help of SMS. Now a day’s many fitness centers and gym increase use of bulk SMS.

You can advertise new programs and categories with the help of Bulk SMS marketing. You can encourage customers to join these categories by sending those discounts and offers. You can also send clients short URL so they can verify the full information on your website. You can even give them some relaxation to make them feel special. You can send personalized messages to customers and congratulate them on showing up at the gym. If they have a gym membership, you can congratulate them. This makes them feel special, proud, and inspired. Not only do you have to do this in the beginning, you have to promote your customers periodically. You can encourage clients to come back and complete the training program. If someone is missing a class for a few days in a row, you can remind them to come and complete the rest of the course.

Fitness Center SMS

Send an SMS to customers to remind you of important meetings and appointments. Use automated SMS to notify the client to join the meeting. This can also improve sales and attendance, which can also happen at a lower cost. Bulk SMS can help in real-time interaction with customers. Two-way communication is also beneficial because the customer can easily reach you. You can keep them informed of new events, changes and cancellations. Bulk SMS services can also be used to manage staff and internal notifications. Staff members may also be notified about changes to the organization and new rules. Bulk SMS can also help build a robust customer database. You can also encourage future clients to join a fitness club. You can create instant, flash discounts to inspire customers to take action. Bulk SMS service saves you a lot of time and money. You can also send payment reminders and payment confirmation messages to customers. This improves the brand value of the fitness club and consumers are aware of payment status.

You can promote non-complete classes and events. You can encourage customers to join the program by filling out promotional messages and discounts. You can even give them individual deductions to fill those classes. Fitness centers and gyms can survey to find out what people think of their gym. Gym surveys can help customers respond and improve the gym and to assure members to renew their membership. Fitness centers and clubs can improve customer support services with the help of wholesale SMS services. It’s an effective way of handling customer questions. The customer does not like to wait long to get their questions answered. An automated messaging system eliminates the need to communicate with humans. Become a part of customer well-being by making hassle-free ways to make appointments and send them anything from a diet plan to a fitness tip.

Set up automatic reminders to alert your staff of slot changes, new customer appointments, last-minute starts, and more. Proper communication flows go a long way in streamlining internal processes. Create a campaign that your customers like in just a few clicks. Use advanced merge fields, attachments, regional language transliteration tools, and schedule features to send effective bulk SMS campaigns. Send an automatic reminder of appointment and other alerts using the SMS API. Easily integrate our powerful SMS API with anyone in minutes using our extensive documentation and sample code snippets.