Bulk SMS for Property Sales, Real Estate, and Builders

- To send instructions to prospective or ready buyers
- To rent or sell units to property sellers
- Appointment reminders to send 1 day before viewing the house
- Easy marketing for your builders and plan property offers.


Bulk SMS for Property Sales, Real Estate and Builders. In India, everyone dreams of “OWN HOME”. With the increasing metropolis, lifestyle changes, income levels rising, people are coming today to fulfill their dreams of buying property or housing. The real estate business is considered as one of the most demanding sectors with potential growth in the Indian industry. Bulk SMS service is a great tool for real estate agents or property dealers to promote construction or send property information available. Most reputable builders and construction companies announce their upcoming projects through bulk SMS marketing service and SMS campaigns to the public for the availability of commercial and residential space for their existing clients. 91 Bulksms is the SMS gateway service provider for all solutions to all your property needs and requirements. Therefore, you can pass information on buying a promotional SMS home to such a customer.

Bulk SMS for Property Sales, Real Estate and Builders

Property-Sales-Real-Estate-BuilderReal estate agents often use wholesale SMS as a means of promoting a property through a campaign or sending out available property information. Most reputable builders also use this medium to announce their new ready or upcoming projects through bulk sms. Construction companies use SMS services extensively for the availability of new business locations or residential space for their existing buyers or through the SMS campaign. Over the past few years, the way the real estate industry has attracted huge investments; It signifies rapid growth and potential for the market and economy at large. As the sector promises to deliver huge returns on investment, not only local property dealers but also foreign real estate companies and leading business houses have shown great interest in investing huge funds. It has also created huge employment opportunities for the masses. Although it is currently showing positive growth in a developing country like ours, the real estate market has seen a really drastic change in a decade.

Today’s technology has seen a significant role in promoting the real estate business through SMS messaging. Today, with the click of a button, anyone in India can easily find their home or property anywhere. Bulk SMS communication between property dealers and its investors plays an important role. Correspondence through Bulk SMS technology has helped the real estate sector gain momentum and momentum in the industry. We at SMS Gateway Center have one-stop solutions that meet all your property needs and requirements. We help you obtain your home by providing you with instant updates on property related news in a very timely manner. Currently considered as one of the leading sectors, we are convinced that the real estate business has the potential for huge growth and expansion in the near future. And we at SMS Gateway Center will try to provide you with our best SMS services related to the real estate industry.

Real estate agents provide information on purchasing documents, buying properties, selling documents required for final registration etc. These days, a large number of people want to invest in real estate. Agents or companies reach a larger target for their benefit using Internet SMS as Internet messaging is a powerful channel for communicating at very low prices. Mobile messaging is a great channel for communicating with a large number of people at once. Agents deliver information and properties to a mobile phone of a customer interested in using mobile messaging or bulk SMS. Property sellers or real estate agents may send property information at any time to your needs. Bulk SMS offers many benefits such as cost effective, fast, easy to use, information provides 24 hours / day.

Mobile phones are an important part of our daily life. Text Messages offers many packages like Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, Voice SMS, and Bulk Email etc. Real estate is one of the most dynamic investments in the world. Voice SMS is also a creative way to build a great reputation in the market. Voice SMS is providing additional benefits, you can send messages with human touch. You can send a message with your own pre-recorded voice.