Bulk SMS for Transportation Logistics & Courier

- Useful for communicating with recipients in terms of delivery time
- To update customers about real time information about delivery status
- Team members to get their latest information about shifts and routines
- To indicate where and when to find a Courier


The Transportation, Logistics and Courier businesses are constantly evolving very rapidly, as more companies are moving to the ecommerce business. Nowadays people are changing the way people use the Internet with the use of highly mobile responsive technology and people are easily buying and interacting with brands. The logistics sector includes couriers, transportation, warehousing, packaging and many other things. With the increasing rate of industrialization and technological improvements, this industry is in great demand. More and more companies, organizations prefer logistics services than postal services because they deliver goods safely within the stipulated time. Bulk SMS for transportation, logistics and courier the service has been proven to be a means of communicating the status of consignment delivery, sending alerts, updating etc. It is important to know the details of our consignment at every step and therefore Bulk SMS is the most appropriate medium.

Bulk SMS Services for Transportation Logistics and Courier

That many well known logistics companies like movers and packers use Bulk SMS marketing to send transportation details, parcel tracking details, etc. Text messaging is a powerful marketing medium. Logistics and courier companies can use Bulk SMS services for mobile marketing and customer engagement. With SMS Gateway, SMS API and mobile SMS alerts, Transportation, Couriers and Logistics companies can check product order status and customers can also benefit from real-time text alerts, product delivery status notifications. Text messaging has become an efficient mode of practice for businesses to inform consumers about important updates regarding consignment delivery status, track consignment contracts, sending alerts, and delivery status. We are provides cost-effective and easy-to-use automated SMS solutions, thus helping companies achieve high productivity at very low cost.

Bulk SMS Futures for Transportation Logistics and Courier Company

Transportation-Logistics-CourierMany people prefer to send SMS instead of calling because transportation is beneficial for Transportation, Logistics and Courier Company.

  • Low cost and effective

Text messaging services are cheaper and more effective than other communications and marketing tools.

  • Instant and direct

Currently 85% of the people have a mobile phone available so they can usually receive the SMS within 3 minutes and read instantly.

  • Customer Relationship Facility

Delivery status, sending notifications, alerts, discounts and offers via SMS will significantly improve customer relations.