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91 Bulksms is the premium Bulk SMS Service Provider in Mehsana. We are the most affordable price Bulk SMS Service Provider in Mehsana. Bulk Text Message use is Mahesana every sectors. It can be challenging for you to reach your customers in this digital age where everyone is in a hurry. That’s why every company is using the bulk text messages service as a marketing tool to connect with their customers faster and promote their brand. Messaging service usage has been increasing over the past few days as it is an effective, convenient and reliable marketing medium for connecting with potential customers. We offer many other types of services such as Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, OTP Messages Premium Route, Bulk SMS Reseller, User Account, Voice Call Services, Two Way Receive Messaging Solution are Shortcode, Longcode and Miss call Services, NowSend Bulk SMS Software via HTTP SMS API and Android Mobiles Apps.

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Benefits of Bulk SMS Service

  • Bulk SMS service is one of the best choice tools of the present age for busy customer as it saves both time and money. It creates a cost effective channel for communicating with our target audience and reaches in a short time.
  • As a Text messaging service has the highest opening rate and reads less than 5 minutes after delivery, almost every company and organization is rapidly integrating it into its ad campaigns.
  • It provides a direct connection to the target group. There is no other channel that is as fast as text messages. So it helps to create a personal connection with our customers right away.
  • Bulk SMS service is compatible with every mobile device and the messages feature is available in all mobiles, so it can reach a wide audience of Non use Smart Phone.

No technical knowledge needed, No need to install any kind of any software, now sending text messages is easier than ever. You just need to enroll in the 91 Bulksms service and it will be easy to connect with your potential customers at the click button. We provide you with enormous features and a number of functions to take your bulk messages marketing to the next level. Our interface is user friendly and easy to understand. Choose 91 Bulksms as your Bulk SMS service provider and build your brand credibility with the click of a button. Sign up now and start using our service at a very affordable price.

Mehsana city is a tourist destination if you want to visit it is Modhera Sun Temple, Simandhar Jain Temple, BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in Radhanpur Road or Modhera Road and Taranga Hill Station. Mehsana city is the India contrary’s State Gujarat. According to the 2012 Census, the population of the city was 194,233. Mehsana is a home to Dudhsagar Dairy or Sahyog Sweet and Namkeen, Agriculture and Road equipment based industry. It also has Oil and natural gas production fields and large number of small and medium sized industries. The Mehsana fields are one of the biggest onshore-producing assets of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and cover an area of 8000 square kilometers with 29 fields.  Many customers in our company’s Mahesana city use the Bulk SMS service and are satisfied with our service. The district of this are Mahesana, Vadnagar, Vijapur, Satlasana, Unjha, Becharaji, Jotana, Kadi and Kheralu in Bulk SMS Service Provider.

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Why 91 Bulksms is the Best in Mehsana?

91 Bulksms has a number of unique amazing features and functions that make it stand out from its competitors.

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Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS service for sending out Important Intimation, Updates and Alert Messages, companies’ transaction, customer intimation or Update your clients about their orders, product launches, and discounts.

Premium OTP Gateway Route

OTP Bulk SMS is invisible verification your clients. Digit Pin Generation. payment Transaction need a OTP Message with use for HTTP API SMS Software technological Feature of OTP.

Promotional SMS Service

Promotional Messages service simply a use for to digital business promotion and with Easy Online direct Advertising, Marketing your Brand, product discount, latest offer sent your preferred direct communication customer or client.

Voice Call Service

Voice Call enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their Mobile or landline numbers anywhere in India with a Recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System.