Features of Bulk SMS Service

How can you improve customer communication in your small business?

Bulk SMS Features

Why 91 Bulksms is the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India?

Each of our Bulk SMS Features is designed to meet different needs. Take a look at the comparison we done of our solutions and get a feel for which solution you could use Bulk SMS services. We have combined all the available cutting edge technology together for your success, below are the Bulk SMS features. smart way of using bulk SMS services in via HTTP API‘s.

Single Account, Many ways to using SMS Messages.

Send Bulk Messages

To Individual, Groups, From a file Upload (Excel and CSV)
Automatically Related HTTP API and SMPP
From Android Mobile Apps
Simple process: Login » Compose » Send
Send Flash, Multimedia Files Attachments Messages

Contacts Management and Sender IDs

Manage Individual Sender IDs and Contacts
Manage Your specific Online Groups wise Contacts
Import from a file Upload Contacts (Excel Sheet and CSV)
Contacts & Sender IDs Automated Opt-in
Contacts & Sender IDs Automated Opt-out

Bulk SMS Credit Management

Manage Credit or Balance Purchase Transfer and Sponsor
Credit SMS Statement History
Low Credit Notification
View Invoice and Payment History
Automatic Top-up

Bulk SMS Message History

View Sent or Received SMS Messages History and Reports
Sent SMS Messages Summery
Send Messages Graphs Analytics Reports
SMS Message History Downloads
Track SMS Campaign Metrics

Bulk SMS Advanced Featured

Send Personalized Messages (English and Unicode)
Send your customized Scheduled or Campaigns Messages
Create and Manage Templates
Send Long Characters Messages
Choose delivery route and Automated Response.

Bulk SMS HTTP API Code & Developers

Free SMS API Code for Developers
C#, VB.Net and php Code
SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer)
Bulk SMS Aggregator and Custom Panel Design
Manage Bulk SMS Reseller and User Accounts

Bulk SMS Laptop